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ArcelorMittal Vega's Private Natural Heritage Reserve (PNHR) trails, opened on June 5, 2004 to celebrate the World Environment Day, provide employees, family members and the community, closer contact with nature.

The PNHR trails cover a stretch of 860 meters in the midst of the Rain Forest that occupies an area of 760 thousand square metres, the equivalent of 1 / 3 of the plant's property. Two observation towers installed in the reserve provide a panoramic view of the flora and fauna of the region and of the plant. The seeds to cultivate native seedlings in the nursery operated by adolescents of Casa Familiar do Mar (Home of the Sea) are collected in the forest itself. Identification signs of the existing flora and fauna were also installed.

According to Serge Lepeltier, Executive Director of ArcelorMittal Vega, the PNHR trails are a small demonstration to visitors, of the company's environmental responsibility. "We are going to make it possible for employees, family members and the community, to have a better understanding of the forest in the region, encouraging green preservation through educational actions," he emphasizes.

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