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PRNH (Private Reserve of Natural heritage)

In July 2002, ArcelorMittal Vega inaugurated the headquarters of PRNH - Private Reserve of Natural Heritage, on the company's property. The site is available to house environmental agencies such as IBAMA and FATMA, while doing research and can also be used by universities and other educational institutions.

In the implementation stage of PRNH, reforestation began with native species, of the soil disposal areas, earth used during the land levelling of the factory, with native species.
The recuperation of areas with existing species in the forest is done in the same proportion as those existing in neighbouring property, as surveyed by specialists. The growth of native plants is carried out within a nursery for seedlings.

For this reason the company, at that time, formed a partnership with Casa Familiar do Mar (Home of the Sea) to operate the nursery and the planting of seedlings, for the recuperation of native vegetation. Eleven adolescents from the entity participated in the project as interns.

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