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Protecting the Coastlines

Started in 2004, the partnership with the cultivators of mussels of San Francisco do Sul in the project "Protecting the Coastlines" provided support for the overall planning of activities and sponsorship of materials for the non-professional fishermen who grow Perna perna mussels in artificial collectors for seed production.

The initiative helps combat the extinction of the species, by not compromising the coastal biodiversity of the region, and benefits several families of traditionally disadvantaged communities with the generation of employment, income and, consequently, improvements in the quality of life. With the success of this unprecedented partnership between ArcelorMittal Vega and cultivators of mussels in the region, these families no longer need to leave their coastal communities to search for other means of subsistence. The project not only contributes to preserving the coastlines, but also the traditions and way of life of these communities.

In 2006, ArcelorMittal Vega was a partner in one more stage of the project, the implementation of more than 50 artificial collectors. From the company's support of the project, the cultivators of mussels are already self-sufficient in the production of seeds.

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