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"Casa Familiar do Mar" (Home of the Sea)

With the Luiz Carlos Perin Casa Familiar do Mar, - responsible for the education of youngsters and adolescent children of fishermen - ArcelorMittal Vega entered an agreement in which was defined the use of the forest nursery and the company's Private Natural Heritage Reserve (PNHR) area for activities related to the environment. From this agreement, with the use of PNHR, students have classes of selective waste collection, correct destination of waste, recycling, composting, production and cultivation of seedlings of native plants in ArcelorMittal Vega's nursery. Besides the supplement to Elementary School, students study and carry out activities related to the planting of seedlings of native trees. The PNHR is used, too, so that the teachers who give classes in elementary school may include environmental education in all areas of education, such as Math and Portuguese. With increasing contact with the green, these young people create an alliance with nature and become multipliers of environmental knowledge and attitude.

The agreement between ArcelorMittal Vega and Casa Family of the Sea (Home of the Sea) also provides financial support to subsidize the maintenance and development of students. With this internship, they begin to have goals together with the school and give importance to teamwork, which makes them even more able to perform in other sectors of the job market.

Results 2002/2005:

  • 376,971 native plant seedlings produced;
  • More than 500,000 flower seedlings and ornamental plants produced;
  • 127,788 species of native plants planted;
  • More than 50 young people participated.

For 2006, the partnership between ArcelorMittal Vega and " Casa Familiar do Mar" ( Home of the Sea) will receive a new direction which is being studied by the interested parties.

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