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Cultural Panorama

Cultural Panorama promotes selected artists to exhibit in France

Promoted and sponsored by ArcelorMittal Vega with the support of the City Hall of São Francisco do Sul, through the Binot Paulmier Institute of Gonneville, the Cultural Panorama is part of the calendar of events of the 500 th commemorations of the discovery of São Francisco do Sul.

This initiative permitted the interchange and the reuniting of the two sister cities, previously united by history, now also by art.

Of the 44 artists who participated in the São Francisco do Sul-Honfleur Cultural Panorama, four were selected to participate in an art exhibition in the city of Honfleur , in France , in the month of July of 2004. The chosen ones were announced on the 11th of March of 2004, at an event in the Sea Museum , in São Francisco do Sul, which included the participation of representatives of ArcelorMittal Vega, sponsor of the event, of the curator Marina H. M. Mosimann and of local artists.

The selected works were "Vinte e cinco para as onze" and "Quinze para o meio-dia" by Klaus Bollmann, that portray the social interaction of the people of the land; the pieces "Caranguejo" and "Tartaruga", by artist Rogério Schmitz portrays the detailed realism and the breaking of scales of the natural world; the works "Encruzilhada" and "Luz e Sombra" of the poetic eye of Luiz A. Ozório and also, of Nelson Logullo Jr. with his set of works "Crucificação nossa de cada dia".

The four artists attended the exhibition that took place in Honfleur, with tickets and hotels paid by ArcelorMittal Vega. At the event, besides the seven works by the selected artists, four other works were indicated for the exhibition in Honfleur. "Borboleta do Mar" and "Janela do Passado" , by Paulo Maluche, and "Praça da Bandeira" and "Trapiche e Armazém da firma Hoepcke" , signed by Conny Baumgart, were chosen by the jury.

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