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Association "São Francisco do Futuro"

In order to show transparency and give concrete evidence of their involvement with São Francisco do Sul, ArcelorMittal Vega formed, in partnership with the business community of the municipality, the "São Francisco of the Future Association". This partnership, in the formation of the entity, has also confirmed the company's social responsibility and its commitment as a corporate citizen, within the community that welcomed it.

The first mission of the institution was to map the needs and opportunities for environmental, social and economic improvements in the municipality. This extensive work, accomplished with great success, resulted in the Agenda 21, the document that reports the inventory of ideas of the entire São Francisco do Sul community regarding the sustainable development of the municipality. Thus, the "São Francisco of the Future" delivered the document to the community to serve as the constant base for the actions to be sponsored by business, government and by all who are interested in contributing and supporting the progress in the quality of life in São Francisco do Sul.

After this step, ArcelorMittal Vega and business partners in its condominium understood that it is extremely valuable to continue taking advantage of the experience and voluntary effort of all those who participated in the Agenda 21 process. Therefore, the institution received a new mission: receive, support and structure projects that achieve sustainable actions, aligned with the Agenda 21 document, and that will meet the needs of the municipality.

In practice, the "São Francisco of the Future" Association has both structure and project approval regulations. For projects which fit into the criteria of the regulation, and according to the set value of investment, the entity helps the development, financially supports the implementation or looks for partners in the community that can sponsor them.

It also monitors the progress of implementations, accountability of the records and evaluates the goals and results achieved with the projects that have been executed.

The "São Francisco of the Future" Association is an effective agent for improving the life of our city and obtained, already in 2005, partnerships for various projects, such as: donation of mammography equipment for the Women's Network to Combat Cancer; construction and equipment of a new day care center in São Francisco do Sul and three health units for the Family Health Program - FHP, and conducting training and professional courses, open to the general population through the Educational and Employability Program. With its own resources, or donations from companies that formed the "São Francisco of the Future" Association it has been carrying out actions such as the showing of films at XV de November Cine Theatre, the organization of the Regional Conference of Workers' Health, among others events.

The entity has been acting as a source for receiving new investment projects for ArcelorMittal Vega.

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