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Products and Markets

The focus of ArcelorMittal Vega is to process steel for the automotive market, with participation also in the market segments of home appliances (white line), distribution, civil construction, pipes and profiles and others.

The company has two product lines: galvanized steel and cold-rolled steel.

Galvanized Steel

These are steel sheets coated with pure zinc or zinc-iron alloy, with thicknesses between 4 and 25 ? m per side. The greatest benefits are high corrosion resistance, good solderability and excellent paint adhesion. They are intended for the automotive, appliance, civil construction and other industries.

Cold Rolled Steel

Another line of products from ArcelorMittal Vega is the cold-rolled steel. On the thin cold coils, the thicknesses range from 0.4 to 2.0 mm and widths from 750 to 1,875 mm. These steels are used in automobiles, home appliances, pipes, among others.

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