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The transport of raw material, hot-rolled steel coils, from ArcelorMittal Tubarão to ArcelorMittal Vega is done by sea, leaving the Metal Products Terminal at the Port of Praia Mole, in the municipality of Serra (ES) and goes until the port of Sao Francisco do Sul (SC), covering 1,200 kilometres. Economical, safe and environmentally correct, the transportation by sea avoids overloading the highway system, contributing to the reduction of accidents and the preservation of roads.

Since 2006, the transport of ships was substituted for barges moved by tugboats, built especially for this purpose.

The idea is to always have two barges docked - one at each terminal - and two barges travelling with the two tugboats - a loaded set coming and the other unloaded, returning. This takes advantage of the travel time for the operations of loading/unloading the barges that are docked. These barges operate practically like a floating warehouse. Each barge takes the equivalent of 400 trucks off the road.

Ocean Barges:
  • 4 large barges + 2 tugboats
  • Transit Time: 2.5 days
  • Capacity: 10,000 t/barge
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