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Galvanized Extragal

Double Faced Pure Zinc Galvanized Steel

Its ability to protect against corrosion and its surface quality make ExtragalTM the recommended product for many applications in various market sectors, both for exposed parts as well as those unexposed.
ExtragalTM's production process, in a single operation after the lamination, means that this is, in almost all cases, the most economical pre-coating solution for anti-corrosion protection of sheets destined for the market in general.

The ExtragalTM coating is obtained by the process of hot dip galvanising (passage of the steel sheet through a bath of liquid zinc of a substrate that can be chosen from among a range of qualities of the cold rolled steels. Its main characteristic is that zinc crystals are not visible to the naked eye, combined with a high surface quality (no irregularities with controlled texture) giving, in industrial conditions, an appearance level of paint and applications for exposed use. Another extremely important feature of this coating is that it is relatively ductile (malleable).


It provides an excellent protection against corrosion, even in the case of damage (small shocks, scratches and impacts), thanks to the electrochemical behaviour of the pair iron/zinc (sacrificial anode donor effect).


It offers, in cases of stamping, superior performance to other coatings, because the various types of lubrication (type of lubricant, quantity) and texture of the product are of the utmost importance during the sheet-tool contact.


It presents a range of solderability suited to industrial requirements. The process, and particularly the life of electrodes, can be optimized, adapting itself to the composition, the geometry and the adjustment frequency, as well as the soldering parameters (intensity, type of current, assembly pressure and cycle time), therefore obtaining an excellent result in soldered material.

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