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ArcelorMittal Vega is an industrial plant for the processing of flat carbon steel. The company currently produces cold-rolled and galvanized coils using the most modern production equipment through the following stages:

  • Pickling
    A process to remove the oxide layer from the surface of the hot-rolled coils.

  • Cold Rolled
    A process to reduce the thickness of the pickled steel sheets through controlled mechanical deformation.

  • Box Annealing
    A process of thermal treatment used to restore the mechanical properties of steel after being cold rolled.

  • Hardening
    A process of surface finishing and mechanical properties through low reduction values.

  • Galvanizing
    A process of coating the surface of the coil with a layer of zinc to increase the corrosion resistance of the steel.

  • Inspection Line
    A process of final inspection of the product quality before sending the finished product to customers.

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