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ArcelorMittal Vega has the most modern technology available in the world market for a hot dip galvanising line. This process gives the steel sheet a layer of zinc coating. This ensures protection against corrosion, excellent surface quality and great stamping capability, which makes this material a product, indicated for the most diverse applications in all sectors of the market.

To ensure quality to the product, the galvanising line is composed of:

  • Receiving Sector
    Its goal is to continuously supply the galvanising line.

  • Cleaning Sector
    This department is responsible for surface cleaning of the sheets to remove oily residues from the rolling process. It uses chemical, mechanical and electrolytic cleaning.

  • Annealing Furnace
    Provides a thermal treatment, in order to obtain the desired mechanical properties.
  • Zinc Pot
    Controls the chemical composition and temperature of the liquid zinc in order to execute the sheet coating.
  • Hardening Laminator ( Skin Pass )
    Adjusts the mechanical, flatness and roughness properties of the sheet...

  • Exit Sector
    Where the steel sheets are stored in an accumulator to ensure the continuity of the process. Also, edge trimming and an automatic surface inspection of the sheet are performed in this sector.

  • Annealing Furnace
    ArcelorMittal Vega has box annealing furnaces, which perform the heat treatment of cold-rolled coils "Full Hard" to restore the mechanical properties. These furnaces have the advanced technology Hicon/H2 (High Convection) that provides high productivity, with excellent surface cleaning results.

  • Hardening Laminator
    ArcelorMittal Vega has a hardening laminator that ensures the mechanical and surface properties demanded by customers. Its high level of automation, together with the use of emulsions, allows it to produce cold-rolled coils with excellent surface finishes.

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