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Safety and Health

Safety and Health "an unconditional priority." This applies to all employees, direct or indirect. The preservation of physical integrity is a common rule for all.

This is seen by the examples in each hierarchical level and by the preventive management, using tools such as patrols and inspections, DDS (Daily Safety Dialogue), Task - Risk Analysis, collection and analysis of anomalies and incidents.


ArcelorMittal Vega currently has a Cipa (Comissão Interna de Prevenção de Acidentes - Internal Commission of Accident Prevention) composed of seven members - four full-time members and three alternates. In the Vega Condominium, there are four other Cipas, which meet regularly to discuss common issues and organize together the Sipatma (Semana Interna de Prevenção a Acidentes de Trabalho e Meio Ambiente Internal Week of Prevention of Work and Environmental Accidents).

Occupational Health

Evidence of compliance with these guidelines can be verified through the complete fulfilment of the Occupational Health legislation and specific documentation: Certificates of Occupational Health, PCMSO, PPRA, PPP and PCA, additional employee exams, kept in the company's active records.

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