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General Policies

To produce steel through the most modern processes of pickling, rolling, galvanizing and box annealing, aligning this policy with the overall strategy of the ArcelorMittal Group, seeking to mobilize efforts for the continuous satisfaction of the needs and requirements of our customers, ensuring the performance of products; in harmony with the interests of shareholders, employees, suppliers, financers and community, seeking to always guarantee the safety of human beings, installations and preservation of the Environment and continuous improvement of environmental performance.

For this we follow the principles below:

  • Provide innovative steel solutions to customers;
  • Open dialogue and partnership with all stakeholders;
  • Integrity and efficiency in all parts of the business;
  • Protect the environment and scarce resources;
  • Fulfil the law and other environmental, health and safety requirements;
  • Innovation to create value and support sustainable development;
  • Respect diversity and reject any type of discrimination;
  • Continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System;
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