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Environmental preservation is a major concern of ArcelorMittal Vega. The company established the goal of continually improving environmental management and today is an example of respect to the legal requirements and regulatory agencies of the environment, in accordance wit the corporate guidelines of the shareholders.

ArcelorMittal Vega's environmental management system is based on the requirements of ISO 14001, whose certification was obtained in March 2003, while still in the construction phase.

Subsequently, the certification was extended to the production process in April 2004, less than a year after the start of the plant's operation.

Water and Liquid Waste Management

The industrial process uses a system of water recirculation guaranteeing a 98.5% recovery rate.

All liquid waste generated from ArcelorMittal Vega's industrial process, along with all sewage are sent for treatment at the Waste Treatment Station.

After treatment, the waste is analyzed regarding the physical - chemical and ecotoxicological parameters and sent to the open sea, in Praia Grande, through pipes, about 12 km long of which 600 meters are underwater.

The Waste Treatment Station - WTS has modern treatment equipment, as well as a laboratory for analysis, which ensures an effective control and monitoring system of treated waste, ensuring full compliance with current environmental legislation.

Besides the treatment of liquid waste, ArcelorMittal Vega performs preventive monitoring of surface and underground water within the company's property.

Atmospheric Emissions and Air Quality Management

Atmospheric emissions from chimneys are monitored through periodic measurements by specialized companies

Moreover, air quality is monitored through two stations installed on the grounds, whose measurements indicate rates of particulate matter well below the limits set by current environmental legislation.

Solid Waste Management

The solid waste generated in the production process is packed in appropriate containers along the production lines and temporarily stored in a warehouse, from where they are sent to their final destination, according to the classification of each waste material.

ArcelorMittal Vega has no final destination waste system within its premises, and all waste is sent for treatment in specialized outside firms.

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