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Commitment to the customers

The commitment to customer satisfaction should be maintained, meeting their expectations, in accordance with the development and profitability objectives of the organization. The loyalty of customers should be maintained by the continuous quality improvement of products and services. In ArcelorMittal Vega, customers actively participate in the approval processes of supplied products.

Total Quality Policy

The customer is the center of attention of ArcelorMittal Vega, which is committed to always meet all their requirements and demands. For this, the zeal with quality is the responsibility of each one of the company's employees, and Quality Management in ArcelorMittal Vega is based on the NBR ISO 9001/2000 and TS 16949 standards.

Product Analysis

Since June 2003, ArcelorMittal Vega has maintained the Central Laboratory attached to the industrial plant. Created in partnership with Sociesc - Sociedade Educacional de Santa Catarina (Educational Society of Santa Catarina), the laboratory is equipped to develop chemical and metalographic analysis, mechanical testing, corrosion and scanning electronic microscopy of the company's products. The goal is to analyze and approve ArcelorMittal Vega's raw materials and final products, guaranteeing fulfilment of the customers' expectations. The company has invested more than US$ 1 million in equipment with cutting-edge technology.

Commitment to shareholders

The relationship with the shareholders, based on communication that includes precise, transparent and timely information, allows them to monitor the activities and performance of the organization, as well as seek results that bring positive impacts on the market value of the company. Permanently satisfy the aspirations of shareholders by the industrial performance and the return on capital employed is an expectation of the company.

Commitment to suppliers

ArcelorMittal Vega works with suppliers-partners, who constantly execute performance improvements. Suppliers are an extension of the company and share the same ethical and continuous improvement principles. The choice of these partners is based on criteria that is professional, technical and in accordance with competition or price quotation, in order to have the best cost-benefit relationship.

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